Introducing PEAK Grantmaking


Welcome to PEAK Grantmaking, formerly Grants Managers Network.

We are excited about our new name, which will lead us in a bolder, more ambitious direction. Rest assured, though, that the network itself—more than 3,400 strong—is not changing or going anywhere. We will continue to advance knowledge, learning, and collaboration with grantmaking professionals and institutions across the philanthropic spectrum.

Our new name, PEAK Grantmaking, speaks to the natural evolution of the profession and the changes occurring in the sector. We have a bold new strategic plan that provides us a visionary road map for building on who we are and what we do. PEAK Grantmaking aligns with our members’ commitment to being aspirational and taking risks, and holds us accountable to the higher ideals we are espousing for philanthropy as a whole.

PEAK Grantmaking also better reflects how we are leading philanthropy to new heights by elevating innovation and effective practices. It is a dramatic shift for the organization; one that our members have told us they are ready for.

PEAK Grantmaking advances knowledge, learning and collaboration in partnership with grantmaking professionals and institutions across the philanthropic spectrum.

Together we are leading philanthropy to reach new heights, elevating innovative, effective practices and ensuring grantmakers are best positioned to achieve their purpose in the world.

Why the change?

Across philanthropy, we must challenge and inspire each other to take our grantmaking to new heights. More than ever before, 21st century philanthropy calls on us to ensure our grantmaking practices are designed to achieve our purpose, no matter the change we seek in the world.

The practice of grantmaking has evolved, and so have we.

As we look to the next 20 years, we’ve set our sights on the next big milestone for professionals in our field: to be recognized and valued for the strategic leadership they contribute, helping their organizations achieve the purpose of making the world better.

We believe that a name change will better help us represent and advocate for the profession, and signal our vision to the broader field, while holding close to the ideals our members expect and want from the organization.

PEAK Grantmaking remains a member-led organization of grantmakers by grantmakers, and we are excited for what the future holds for us and our members.


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