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PEAK Grantmaking

Visioning PEAK’s Next Chapter


Visioning PEAK’s Next Chapter

Four members of our community look back and forward to explore PEAK’s impact and potential to transform philanthropy—through championing equitable grantmaking practices, empowering grants professionals as change agents, and championing true collaboration with nonprofit partners and communities.
Kelly Brown, Founder and CEO, Viewpoint Consulting
Satonya Fair, President and CEO, PEAK Grantmaking
Kerri Hurley, Director of Grants Management, Barr Foundation
Ursula Stewart, Grantmaking Industry Advisor,

Kelly Brown Viewpoint Consulting: Well, I am thrilled and actually so quite surprised that it’s been 25 years, that this organization has been in existence.

Kerri Hurley, Barr Foundation: They are providing us the forum so that our nonprofits, that we are trying to serve can focus on their mission and not on all of these unnecessary burdens.

Satonya Fair, PEAK Grantmaking: When I think about our next chapter and where we go from here, I think about the staff, I think about how I shepherd and support our volunteers. And also how do I ensure that we’re connecting very directly with other nonprofits and the folks that we care most about, which is people and community.

Kelly Brown: But I think there is also an important opportunity for PEAK to expand on what it learns beyond just the confines of its members and its core stakeholders, even at the senior leadership level.

Ursula Stewart, PEAK can take that lead so that we can have a more collaborative partnership and human relationships with those who we fund.

Satonya Fair: I’m excited to go into the future with a really keen look on the past. Letting it drive us and drive me toward a place and space where people who consider themselves part of our community are well-represented, well-supported and can definitely sit at any table and help the sector get better.

Kerri Hurley: And PEAK is really trying to show that the time is now and that philanthropies really need to hold themselves accountable.

Brown: I’m very happy to have been part of its most recent lead up to its 25th anniversary. And I’m very excited about being a part of it going forward.

Ursula Stewart: I mean, to think, to start with 12 members and now 25 years later, we’re 6,000 members. I think that’s fantastic.

Fair: Some things really evolve around the individuals that are within this community being activated as change agents, no matter where they sit.

Hurley: I was able to elevate the way I was viewed within my organization. And they started listening to me because I was bringing back things to the foundation that I was learning either through our regional chapter or through PEAK’s larger membership.

Stewart: Even if you’re not the leader of an organization, if you don’t have the title of the leader of an organization, you can still lead. If you see where there needs to be change within the organization, speak up.

Fair: Go do something that you know is going to make your organization better.