4 Reasons You Need a Mentor

Find a mentor. It’s a directive everyone knows, but how many of us truly embrace the idea of finding someone whose insight, experience, and skill set can help us grow professionally?  For many people, the idea is daunting. Asking someone to be your mentor sounds like a direct path to rejection, and it’s an awkward kind of conversation to imagine having. But it’s 100 percent true that mentors can be significant contributors to our current and future success.

Still wondering why you need a mentor? Blogger Anne Bogel breaks it down like this:

Mentors bring a fresh perspective.

Mentors make you ask the hard questions. 

Mentors normalize our struggles.


And one of the best but least-mentioned benefits of mentors:

Mentors concretely improve our performance in and satisfaction with our work. Numerous studies have shown that people with mentors make more money at work, are promoted more often, and are more satisfied with their jobs. The benefits of mentoring outside the workplace may be harder to measure but they’re just as real.


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