48% of Charity Leaders Say Foundations Are Oblivious to Their Needs, Says Survey

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy by Doug Donovan

Nearly half of nonprofit leaders say their foundation supporters are blind to the biggest challenges charities face and could do more to help them meet rising demand for services, train leaders, and deploy new technology, according to a poll released this week.

In a survey of 121 nonprofit leaders, the Center for Effective Philanthropy says it found that only 52 percent “believe their foundation funders are aware of the various challenges their organizations face.”

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Key Findings:

1. Only half of nonprofit leaders believe foundations are aware of the various challenges their organizations face, and most do not think foundations are using their resources and knowledge to help them address their challenges.

2. Nonprofits are looking for more foundation help in a) meeting the demand for their programs and services, b) using technology to improve their effectiveness, and c) developing their leadership skills.

3. Among nonprofits that rely on earned revenue, the majority find that maintaining, or growing, earned revenue is challenging—and most would like more help from their foundation funders.