GMNsight: Ideas About Big Data

The newest edition of GMN’s professional journal–GMNsight: Advancing Grantmaking–is now available on our website. In this journal we delve into Big Data, a topic of much discussion here on our blog and throughout philanthropy as the sector begins to harness the power of enormous data sets.

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Check out the content for this edition of the journal:

  • Data for Good: What Data Can Do for Philanthropy
    Reprinted from the April 2013 issue of Alliance magazine, this article by the Foundation Center’s Larry McGill introduces Big Data as a big idea and relates collaborative efforts already underway across the globe to synthesize and make sense of data for philanthropic purposes.
  • New Ethics for a New World
    Data discoverer and thought leader Alistair Croll discusses one of the key considerations when wading into the world of Big Data: ethics surrounding knowledge that comes with massive data.
  • Big Data Barges In
    Continuing the discussion of ethics with Big Data, grants manager Elizabeth Hartig (The Chicago Foundatio for Women) covers a recent example of how Big Data barges in on privacy and the concerns of tech and business leaders that grants managers should share when analyzing large data sets.
  • Dashboards: Driving Strategy with Data
    Data can do amazing things for grantmakers looking for details about impact and reach. Allison Gister, grants manager at the Annenberg Foundation, presents two case studies on how dashboards have delivered data that can be understood and acted on.
  • Big Data in Small Pieces
    Articles, blogs, and books about Big Data, compiled by the GMNsight team, to introduce, expand on, and engage in the Big Data discussion.

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Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell is PEAK Grantmaking's communications and practices director. You can find her on Twitter @nikkiwpowell.