Annual and Financial Reports

PEAK Grantmaking is committed to openness and ethical behavior in all of its activities. To ensure transparency with our members and the public, PEAK Grantmaking will make publicly and prominently available information regarding the organization’s governance, finances, and conflict of interest policies. The board of PEAK Grantmaking will ensure adherence to all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report (PDF) – Creating the Future Together

2016 Annual Report (PDF) – Strengthening the Network for Grantmakers

2015 Annual Report (PDF) – One Shared Vision: Maximizing Philanthropic Impact

2014 Annual Report (PDF) – Improving How Grants Get Made

2013 Annual Report (PDF) – Membership Counts

2012 Annual Report (PDF) – Framework for Success

2011 Annual Report (PDF) – Moving Grantmaking Forward

2010 Annual Report (PDF) – We’re In It Together

2009 Annual Report (PDF) – Expertise in Giving


Financial Statements

2017 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

2016 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

2015 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

2014 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

2013 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

2012 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

2011 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

2010 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

2009 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)


Information Returns

2017 Information Return (PDF)

2016 Information Return (PDF)

2015 Information Return (PDF)

2014 Information Return (PDF)

2013 Information Return (PDF)

2012 Information Return (PDF)

2011 Information Return (PDF)

2010 Information Return (PDF)

2009 Information Return (PDF)



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