Board of Directors Service Details

We appreciate your willingness to be considered for nomination to the PEAK Grantmaking board for terms beginning June 2018. Below is detailed information on Board responsibilities, qualifications, and the nomination process and timeline.

Please contact Adriana Jimenez, PEAK Grantmaking Nominating Committee Chair at or Michelle Greanias at or 202-329-7670, with questions.

PEAK Grantmaking Today

For two decades, PEAK Grantmaking has provided national leadership in advancing the “how” of philanthropy—the core practices funders use to make their grants and assess the impact of those investments. Grants management professionals and their work have become increasingly vital as funders seek to grow impact, increase transparency, and get the best possible return on their philanthropic investments.

PEAK Grantmaking’s growth mirrors the growth of philanthropy. Our membership has tripled from 1,278 in 2008 to 3,400 individuals today, representing 1,600 grantmaking organizations. PEAK Grantmaking is one of the largest grantmaker networks in the world.

This expanding network has created opportunities to change philanthropy. Connecting, convening, and training grantmakers to improve practices creates momentum for change, transforming best practices into standard practices. We have helped reduce the costs of making grants for both grantmakers and grantseekers, strengthened compliance and controls, improved transparency, encouraged grantmakers to listen to grantseekers, and increased the ability to measure impact. Between 2014 and 2016, members reported that PEAK Grantmaking helped refine approximately 3,700 practices—almost 1,400 in 2016 alone.

The people implementing and managing those practices in grantmaking organizations need to be experts in this work.  They need to connect the dots across knowledge, relationships, and systems to improve grantmaking decisions and design. PEAK Grantmaking is the only place to get that expertise.  There are no existing university degrees, widespread training, or professional certifications like you’d find in other operational disciplines like finance, accounting, law, or technology for grants management.  The continuing demand for PEAK Grantmaking to build this expertise for philanthropy is reflected in the 72 percent increase in participation in our Learning Programs from 2008.  In 2016, we improved the knowledge, skills, and abilities of grantmakers through nearly 4,000 engagements and participants reported a 95 percent satisfaction rate with our learning opportunities.

Over the past three years, the PEAK Grantmaking board has laid the groundwork to support a significant expansion of our capacity and programs.  We have:

  • Successfully completed a $2.5 million core support campaign, our first large-scale fundraising effort.
  • Expanded staff from five to twelve positions
  • Grown membership to 3,400 people from 1,600 grantmaking organizations, making PEAK Grantmaking one of the largest philanthropy associations.
  • Continued to expand our presence as a field leader focused on practices while maintaining our core work of supporting the grants management profession, reflected in our recent name change.
  • Launched a three-year strategic plan that takes PEAK Grantmkaing to a new level of service to members and leadership in the field. We will focus on:
    • Encouraging grantmakers to adopt values-based practices that increase grantmaking efficiency and effectiveness. This mean bringing more research to the field that proves which practices are most effective, the consequences of not adopting them, and incentivizing the adoption of ideal practices.
    • Ensuring that practices join program priorities and relationships as an equal strategic driver of grantmaker success. This means bringing practice conversations to a broader audience in philanthropy and at a more strategic level than ever before.
    • Developing even more experts and leaders in grantmaking practices who can not only meet their organization’s current grants management needs, but anticipate and proactively determine how grants are made in their organizations in the future.
    • Maintaining the governance, resources, and infrastructure to achieve our strategic plan and be accountable to members and funders.

PEAK Grantmaking Board Responsibilities, Eligibility, and Qualifications

Nominating Process and Timeline