GMN Joins Partners in Asking Foundations for Infrastructure Support

In an open letter to foundations issued in May, Grants Managers Network joined nearly two dozen other organizations in thanking funders for supporting infrastructure while asking the sector to consider the importance of our work: organizations such as ours provide the resources that ensure an effective, functioning, and vibrant nonprofit community. To continue growing the nonprofit community, infrastructure organizations need to grow, too.

As noted on a Guidestar blog about the letter:

With the letter, we hoped to start a conversation, to recognize the hard and valuable work that infrastructure organizations are doing to ensure all nonprofits are able to do their work successfully, and to encourage funders to dedicate even just 1 percent of their grant budgets to supporting infrastructure.

This is just the beginning of an ongoing discussion – between funders, nonprofits, and the sector as a whole. Plumbing may not be sexy, but it ensures the entire sector is able to learn from each other, share successes, and increase effectiveness. And that is worthy of investment.

From the letter:

We ask you to invest out of hope. A hope that we can build a civil society that is capable of tackling the great challenges of our time. A hope that foundations and nonprofits alike can be more effective in pursuit of their goals.

We infrastructure organizations pledge to devote ourselves to magnifying the good created by philanthropy. We promise to hold ourselves to a high standard and to constantly strive to improve our own effectiveness. And, more, we pledge to work better together — to share, to collaborate, and to even consolidate where appropriate.

Read the full Investing in Infrastructure letter here »