Leah Farmer

Marketing Coordinator

leah@peakgrantmaking.org |  202.804.6694  |  @leahbethfarmer

Leah Farmer is PEAK Grantmaking’s marketing coordinator and focuses on providing marketing tools and resources to PEAK Grantmaking’s members. She assists in writing for and producing PEAK Grantmaking’s website and publications and developing outreach campaigns to raise awareness of PEAK Grantmaking’s brand.

Contact Leah with questions about marketing tools and resources for PEAK Grantmaking. 

Her experience is in the non-profit sector, as well as the for-profit market in web design, print design, as well as implementing and developing marketing and communications strategies for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Leah has a bachelor’s degree from Concord University (Athens, W.V.) with a major in Graphic Design and Advertising and has a passion for photography. She is a busy mom to a sweet and rowdy little boy and loves spending time with her family.