PEAK Grantmaking relies on voluntary contributions from its members and their organizations to deliver its programs, resources, and services.  We ask that you help us in our efforts to improve grantmaking.

Why Support PEAK Grantmaking?

PEAK Grantmaking works to create change within individual grantmaker organizations and across the field of philanthropy as a whole in two ways:

  1. PEAK Grantmaking meets the learning needs of grants management professionals so they can achieve the core competencies required to expertly manage grantmaking.
  2. PEAK Grantmaking creates and shares knowledge that makes the case for effective practices, ensuring that funders have the best information with which to implement the best practices.

Our Core Beliefs:

  1. As funders become more efficient in their grantmaking practices, more resources can be shifted from administrative to mission-related activities by both grantmakers and grantseekers.
  2. Strong and sound controls, implemented through effective practices and managed by skilled staff, increase the public’s confidence in private sector philanthropy.
  3. Increased transparency through knowledge sharing will lead to better decision making and outcomes as funders are able to access more information about funding availability and gaps, the organizations and efforts they support, and the demographics of and impact on those served.

We believe PEAK Grantmaking’s work is important and can succeed: we help funders achieve their missions, strengthen the positive perception of the entire field, and lead to better outcomes for funders and the grantees they serve. Join the more than 300 organizations who believe this work is important too

How to Support PEAK Grantmaking

Become an organization member. Organizations that meet or exceed the annual contribution levels become organization members and receive special benefits and discounts.

Make an unrestricted contribution to PEAK Grantmaking in any amount from your organization.

Make a personal contribution to support PEAK Grantmaking’s work.

Purchase a PEAK Grantmaking product or publication, including our bi-annual salary survey or conference session summaries.