Action Plan: Finding a Mentor

(This post is part of our 2014 Resolve to Evolve program.)

If you study the trajectories of successful people, you’ll see that most of them had considerable help along the way. A mentor can be a boon to any career. So why deprive yourself? Go out and get a mentor of your own. (13 Tips on Finding a Mentor;

Finding and enlisting a mentor–one with the experience, connections and coaching ability you crave–is not easy, especially if you’re not in an entrepreneurial hotbed like Silicon Valley or New York City. Connecting with and impressing them requires equal parts sleuthing, networking and chutzpah. Here are some tips learned from business founders who went all out to line up the guidance they needed. (Forget Advisors — How to Find and Woo a Power Mentor;

How can a mentor improve your business and career advancement? Many ways: A mentor can guide you, take you under his wing and teach you new skills. Research has shown that mentoring relationships succeed and are satisfying for both parties when both the mentor and the person being mentored take an active role in developing the relationship. Here are 10 tips you can implement to ensure you get what you need out of the relationship. (10 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Mentor;

When you hear about someone looking for a mentor, you probably think about young people seeking an older and wiser, senior person to show them the ropes. Today, the definition of mentorship includes people at all ages and experience levels; mentors aren’t just for twenty-somethings anymore. (How To Find A Mentor When You’re Over 40;

Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell is PEAK Grantmaking's communications and practices director. You can find her on Twitter @nikkiwpowell.