2014 GMN Conference: Making Connections

What is a network for if not making and sustaining connections? GMN recognizes the distinct value of the strong connections that participants make at our annual conference and in 2014 we’re focusing on these connections as the foundation of our gathering in San Diego on March 17-19, 2014.

When we talk about making connections, we mean:

  • Connecting GMN members to one another, to strengthen our national network of experts for advice and support
  • Connecting grants management professionals to the knowledge and skills you need to lead the grantmaking processes at your organization
  • Connecting grants managers to program officers and senior leaders to develop cohesive grantmaking team models and opportunities
  • Connecting seasoned experts in the field with the newest members of the profession for mentoring and support
  • Connecting GMN members to their own expertise as presenters and session designers

In the coming months, you’ll hear a lot about the connections that already exist within GMN and the opportunities each of you has to develop and grow the kinds of connections that will help you get the most out of GMN and our 9th annual conference in 2014.

Look for blog posts at gmnblog.org/2014conference and follow us on Twitter, where we’re using the hashtag #GMN2014!


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