3 Things You Learn as an Assistant That You’ll Use Forever

I’ve been known to say that the most important thing I learned in high school was how to type. My 142 wpm got me through a double major and a minor in college, gave me a skill to exploit for extra income when classmates’ fingers weren’t so speedy, and served me tremendously in my early jobs as an assistant and publications editor. Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks that what you learn early can help you much later in life and career.

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It’s not always fun to be the lowest person on the office totem pole, especially when you’re ready to take on a whole lot more. As a receptionist, office assistant, or intern, you’re the one stuck doing the busy work, answering phones, sorting mail, and getting coffee—all the while daydreaming of the job you’d rather be doing.

But while this gig may just be a pit stop on the way to your dream job, you can still turn it into a learning experience.

Here are three things you’ll pick up as an assistant that will be useful for the rest of your career:

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Nikki Powell

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