A Blueprint for Maximizing Philanthropic Impact

As philanthropy evolves, the challenges for those working in grantmaking continue to become more complex. The WHY (strategy) and WHO (grantees) may still be easy to understand, but the HOW of grantmaking (practices of actual grantmaking) is changing at the speed of technology, data, policy, and practice.

Grants Managers Network is the only professional association supporting grants managers, those who work in the complex world of the HOW of grantmaking practices. To drive improvement in grants management and support the professional growth of our members, GMN has adopted a new Blueprint for the Future that outlines three key strategies for supporting grantmaking professionals and implementing field-wide change:

GMN is investing in bold new efforts to maximize philanthropic impact by:

Advancing the knowledge and expertise of grants management professionals so they can lead their organizations to better outcomes. To meet the needs of the growing field, GMN is expanding its learning program to prepare grants management professionals to evolve with their jobs and advance in their careers, all while leading their organizations to greater impact and ensuring that our members are putting the latest knowledge and innovations to work to streamline and improve grantmaking. 

Accelerating the adoption of proven practices that bring added effectiveness, efficiency and transparency to grantmaking. Through Project Streamline, GMN mobilized philanthropy to tackle key barriers to effectiveness and impact for grantees and grantmakers. Now, GMN is initiating a new campaign to surface and promote a broader range of successful grantmaking practices.  GMN continues to hear from members and others across the field that philanthropy is not focused enough on the connection between effective grants management and successful grant outcomes. Through our new “Practices Matter” campaign, GMN will focus more intently than ever on identifying and communicating what works, and on showing how smarter grantmaking leads to better results.

Connecting grants management professionals and the organizations they represent so they can learn from peers and work together to advance the field.  Grants management professionals are playing increasingly important roles in the success of their organizations and philanthropy as a whole. Creating more spaces where the profession can come together to share challenges and solutions is essential to its continued growth and impact. GMN is intensifying its efforts to grow the network of grants management professionals, strengthen connections among members, and help them develop their leadership abilities and voice in philanthropy.

With these core goals, GMN hopes to maximize the philanthropic impact of a critical sector of philanthropy employees and ensure that grant dollars are delivering great results for grantmakers and their grantees.

Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell is PEAK Grantmaking's effective practices director. You can find her on Twitter @nikkiwpowell.

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