Benchmarking Practices is Good Grantmaking

You know how you do it, no matter what “it” is, but are you doing it well? Are you doing it the most streamlined, effective way? Are your peers doing it differently? Do they know something you don’t know about how it can be done better?

Benchmarking helps you answer these questions. And the GMN EPIcenter was built specifically to help you answer these questions about your grantmaking practices.

Your answers to the EPIcenter’s six short surveys offer insights to help you identify areas of strength within your organization, as well as spot areas of opportunity where you can make improvements. And the comparison reports that are available help you slice-and-dice the results to make sure you’re looking at the data from the right perspective, relative to your size or location or other factors. And by providing your data, you help other grantmakers have something to compare their own practices to.

But there’s a larger purpose behind participating in the EPIcenter. The grantmaking field needs to know how people are doing “it” so we can collectively look at practices and identify the best ways of doing grantmaking. There may be best practices you haven’t thought of, and there may be ideal practices that the field needs to turn to.

But we need data. A comparison is only as good as the data it is composed of. And that means we need you to participate in the EPIcenter by completing one or more of the six short surveys (plus an organizational survey that tells us about your foundation).

The information compiled in the EPIcenter will have the power to demonstrate the state of grantmaking practices. So we need to know: how are you doing it?

How to Get Started in the EPIcenter

Right now, only primary contacts at GMN member organizations have access to the EPIcenter. If that’s you (or you think it should be you) but you don’t know how to get logged in, email for user name and password instructions.



Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell is PEAK Grantmaking's effective practices director. You can find her on Twitter @nikkiwpowell.

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