Developing a Culture of Knowledge Management

For months now you have heard the drum roll that we must all share data in order to benefit from the shared knowledge that data creates.  As we prepare for this year’s conference, you have no doubt noticed the resounding themes in the sessions.  Data is everywhere, it’s in everything we do and we must harness its potential as we move through this information age.

The question is what data do we need to help make better decisions as funders?  Brad Smith of the Foundation Center recently published a blog “Developing a Culture of Knowledge Management” where he outlines the three types of data that we must consider important in this knowledge economy.

One of the first types he outlines is transactional data, which grants managers are responsible for.   The information you collect on a daily basis about grant decisions and their intentions can help our collective understanding of the field if we share that information.  Having centralized access to information about who is doing what, where and why is a first step in making philanthropy more strategic.

Please consider sharing your critical grants information with the sector by becoming an eReporter to the Foundation Center.  It’s simple, it’s easy and it can do a world of good.

If you want to learn more, join our webinar series co-sponsored with GMN and the Forum or come find the Foundation Center at booth 7 at the GMN conference this year.

C. Davis Parchment

C. Davis Parchment manages the eReporting Program and the Get on the Map Campaign for Foundation Center. Follow her on Twitter @CDavisParchment.

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