GM101 is Coming to You

What if there were a workshop to tell you how to do your job?

Instead of coming in as a new grants manager and figuring things out the old fashioned way—begging and borrowing expertise from peers, looking through old files for details on the way things have always been done, making things up as you go along—you’d have a bona fide outline for how your job works.

Well GMN has developed such a tool and our GM101 pre-conference workshop has been wildly successful over the past few years. So successful that we’re taking it on the road, to five cities across the country this fall, to reach even more grants managers who would like a little help figuring out this complex and ever-changing job.

Find out more about where we’re going and how you can attend on our website.

  • San Francisco – Oct. 9
  • Omaha – Oct. 15
  • Boston – Oct. 20
  • Atlanta – Nov. 3
  • Seattle – Date TBD

The workbook and notes from GM101 become important guides for doing the work of grantmaking operations for years to come. This training in the fundamentals is applicable even when practices and processes change.

Trust us, this isn’t just any workshop. Participants rave about the opportunity to learn from trusted experts and learn alongside peers who become their resources. Here’s what attendees have had to say about GM101:

“I’m exceptionally glad that this is offered. I think this would be essential for many people coming into the GM field.” 2015 attendee


“Overall, the workshop was a great learning tool. I have already recommended it to my colleagues.” 2014 attendee

GM101 is truly like no other grants management workshop, and we are proud to be bringing it to cities across the country for local professionals to have the opportunity to attend with their peers and colleagues. Take advantage of this great workshop in a city near you!




Liz Bicer

Liz leads the PEAK Grantmaking Learning Program Department and is focused on creating learning opportunities and environments that will empower and inspire you to make a lasting impact on your organization and profession.

Contact Liz with suggestions on hot topics that matter to you now, subject matter experts we need to know, and trends you are seeing in the field.

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