Introducing the GMN One Question Survey!

First, let me admit: we know you tire of surveys. They are often wordy, unclear, and you rarely get the results in a way that interests you. Well GMN is going to try something new that’s less wordy, more clear, and gives you the results in a way that you really find valuable.

Introducing the GMN One Question Survey!

That’s is, one question. We’ll ask, you’ll tell, then we’ll share your answers in a follow up blog post. And we’ll all be more informed because of it.

This week we’re starting with something easy:

GMN is a great resource and we know our members are talking about us to their colleagues. But HOW are you talking about GMN? What descriptions do you use and what keywords really help you get across what GMN is and what GMN stands for? We want to know how you’re talking about GMN. So tell us!

Answer the one-question survey now!


The survey has ended. Look for results here!

Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell is PEAK Grantmaking's effective practices director. You can find her on Twitter @nikkiwpowell.

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