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There are many philanthropic associations that I could align myself with, but Grants Managers Network is the only one for me.

I have had the privilege to meet passionate and respectful grants managers diligently working to make a difference by lifting up best practices in their organizations.

I am excited about the possibilities for the forthcoming personal content curator role, which will be a steward for the vision and goals of all members and chapters.  It will offer one central table where members can get news and information to create a shared agenda for the local chapters.

Perhaps most important and fundamental is the balance of knowledge right at our fingertips. The Personal Content Curator will include high quality information and discussions focusing largely on community membership goals.  These shifts in learning are the key to sustainability as well as making authentic and fundamental changes in the future. This is valuable, as it provides clarity around intended change and impact.

In addition, the role will help create a shared narrative for GMN chapters throughout Southern California, where I live, and beyond.

Worth noting is the important role in supporting the new business model, for which there is progressive modification planned over the next couple of years.  I am excited to see the strategic plan mobilizing and happening. We have been very fortunate to have a number of committee chairs and members who have helped to engage and develop leadership, and their commitment is inspiring.  This commitment, engagement, combined experience and wealth of knowledge sets GMN apart from other philanthropic communities, and I’m proud to be involved.

Elizabeth Tabita

Elizabeth Tabita currently serves as a Grants Administration Program Administrator for The California Endowment’s Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno and San Diego regions. In this role, she monitors requests through the online grant review process of over one hundred thirty eight million dollars per year in programs aimed at expanding access to affordable quality health care for underserved individuals and communities. In addition, she is the Vice Chair of the Southern California Grants Managers Network.

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  1. Sheila A Robinson says:

    Electronic Payments (ACH) – it would be nice in the future to do a session on ACH’s. I understand that it is time consuming to set-up the process, but it cut down on lost checks, postage and FedEx. Electronic payments is the wave of the future and we should open up sessions that highlight what worked and what don’t work.

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