Making Mentoring Matter

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Is mentoring much ado about nothing, or is there something to the idea of learning directly from (or teaching) peers? You be the judge:

Sun Microsystems compared the career progress of approximately 1,000 employees over a 5-year period and here’s what they found:

  • Both mentors and mentees were approximately 20% more likely to get a raise than people who did not participate in the mentoring program.
  • 25% of mentees and 28% of mentors received a raise – versus only 5% of managers who were not mentors.
  • Employees who received mentoring were promoted FIVE times more often than people who didn’t have mentors.
  • Mentors were SIX times more likely to have been promoted to a bigger job.

(See How Becoming A Mentor Can Boost Your Career – Forbes, 2011)

This Week

To find a mentor: consider your strengths and weakness and identify individuals you already know who might be easy to approach

To become a mentor: think of individuals you know who have the capacity to accelerate their careers; consider what you might be able to teach them

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Tell us what you think about mentoring; do you have a good experience to share or questions about approaching a potential mentor?




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