New & Exciting – a short list of resources

The days are getting shorter and colder. As you curl up somewhere cozy with a steaming mug of something, you’ll need some good reading to make your evening complete. Here are a few excellent new resources focused on helping funders to be thoughtful and effective:

  1. From the Center for Effective Philanthropy:  Hearing from Those We Seek to Help: Nonprofit Practices and Perspectives in Beneficiary Feedback.  This report ties in well with our ongoing theme (soapbox, perhaps) on the importance of feedback. CEP finds that while most nonprofits collect and use feedback from their beneficiaries to improve programs and services, most also believe that their foundation funders lack a deep understanding of beneficiary needs. As a result, funders don’t necessarily structure funding priorities and programmatic strategies in ways that make most sense for the nonprofits and the beneficiaries of their services.
  1. GuideStar and the D5 Coalition announce a partnership to launch a new program that will help the philanthropic sector set standards for how data about diversity is collected and tracked. Having consistent data standards for this information will help funders know more about their impact and will streamline this kind of data collection, which can currently vary widely from funder to funder.  (Stay tuned for Dr. Streamline’s interview with GuideStar and TAG on the new “Simplify” initiative).
  1. Grantmakers for Effective Organizations’ Smarter Grantmaking Playbook is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book for the philanthropy professional: a flexible and interactive online resource that covers a range of topics related to grantmaking practice, including strengthening relationships with grantees, supporting nonprofit resilience, learning for improvement, and collaboration.
  1. In case you missed it the first time, don’t miss the opportunity to test drive the Sector-Cost-Audit tool, created by GoodDoneGreat. Dig into the costs of your open RFP process – and make smart decisions based on good data.

Are there other resources with a connection to streamlining and effective practices that you’d like us to share?  Let us know!  

Jessica Bearman

Jessica Bearman works with foundations and other mission-based organizations, focusing on organization development, facilitation, and R&D to help them become more intentional, effective, and responsive to the communities that they serve. She is also known as Dr. Streamline. Follow her on Twitter @jbearwoman.

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