Perfect Pitch Contest Winner Lisa Stegman

Hi, I’m Lisa Stegman, Sr. Manager of Business Capabilities for the organization funding more to help pets in need than any other Animal Welfare group in North America.  My roots at PetSmart Charities began as a Grants Manager and I grew into my current role by collaboratively driving process improvements. Prior to joining PetSmart Charities I had a diverse career in Service and Information Technology that spanned industries from banking to healthcare.  I am adept at understanding the connections between process, data and systems while leveraging the most out of them.  I am a proven liaison bridging people, business, and technology.

I manage the “OZ” team, responsible for the magic that happens behind the curtain with our organization’s systems and tools.  My team is talented and diverse and we work to help everyone excel at their jobs today and in the future – enabling us to achieve our business goals and ultimately save more pets.  I have built a strong data security model – a foundational pillar that protects our brand so we can be trusted good stewards to our donors and in the communities we serve.

Now that our data is protected, how do we use it to make informed decisions?  Data lives everywhere and often looks like something straight out of a b-horror film… “attack of the killer spreadsheets”.  How do we get moving faster than the speed of non-profit and into a realm where you no longer ask multiple people multiple times for spreadsheets of information to prepare board slides, project status, analysis, comparisons – only to have them be out of date by the time you present the information? What if you could travel to one place to gain insights into our key business indicators that was always up to date and reliable?    How do we get there?


Without interrupting the systems vital to run the business we can take the information within each and integrate it into one cohesive resource that is intuitively simple to use. Moving beyond resource heavy data warehouses and complex business intelligence solutions, a dynamic Data integration Platform provides an easier and faster way to connect to our data at the source and display it cohesively in the form you want to visualize it in – even real-time. Data integration is the conduit for informed business decisions that could drive more effective programming leading to MORE LIVES SAVED.

Let’s make this vision a reality.  With your influential championship, a small capital investment (with an ROI in Year 1) and the right data integration partner, we can drive this change in our organization and begin using all of the facts we have bottled up in each system and unleash them into a new collaboratively useful platform everyone can use – no technical training or reporting skills needed.

Convinced?  The next step is to identify key requirements so we can pinpoint the right Data Integration Partner who can turn our vision into reality in fewer than 60 days.

Are you with me?


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Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell is PEAK Grantmaking's effective practices director. You can find her on Twitter @nikkiwpowell.

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