Philanthropy Consultants – Call for Papers

The Foundation Review has issued a Call for Papers [PDF] for an issue focused on philanthropy consulting. The March 2015 themed issue, co-edited by the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers, will explore quality, trends and impact in a significant component of philanthropic practice. Abstracts of up to 250 words are due by May 15, 2014. If a full paper is invited, it will be due by August 15, 2014 for consideration for publication.


Abstracts of up to 250 words are being solicited for Volume 7, Issue 1 of The Foundation Review. This issue, co-edited with the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers, will be a themed issue on philanthropy consulting. We define philanthropy consultants as individuals and organizations who give professional advice or services to foundations and other donors for a fee, and whose advice and services focus on the programmatic, governance, and operational side of philanthropy.

Philanthropy consultants represent an important segment of philanthropy’s total human capital. Yet little attention has been given or research devoted to the ways in which philanthropy consulting supports the field. As a result, ways in which consultants help grantmakers increase impact and enhance success are not yet clearly documented or widely understood.

Papers are invited on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Scope and scale. To what extent do grantmakers and funder networks retain consultants, and for what purposes?
  • Role. Why do foundations hire philanthropy consultants? What are the roles of philanthropy consultants? How do roles vary by grantmaker type, size, lifecycle?
  • Value and impact. What value have grantmakers recognized from engaging philanthropy consultants? What impact have consultants had on the work of funders and the philanthropic sector as a whole?
  • Quality and effectiveness. What constitutes quality in philanthropy consulting? What are the characteristics of effective consultants and consulting engagements?
  • Capacity. How does the field of philanthropy support or invest in philanthropy consulting? What efforts exist to ensure diversity within the consulting field and to support career pipelines for future consultants?
  • Trends. What trends do we anticipate in the field of philanthropy in the U.S. and globally, and how can consultants add value?


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