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What Should we Include in the Philanthropy Canon? | Adin Miller Consulting
As part of his work with Israel’s first community foundation, Adin Miller put together a list of seminal articles, essays, books, and blog posts that have been released over the past twelve years – in essence, an informal canon on philanthropy. In his list of personal favorites, Miller includes Project Streamline’s report Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted from Purpose.

How Does Financial Sustainability Relate to Growth – and What Can Grantmakers Do to Support It?
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations has developed a series of briefing papers as part of its Scaling What Works initiative. These briefing papers pull together the best thinking, research, and actionable approaches to scaling impact and provide additional resources for grantmakers who want to increase their impact. Topic #4 in the series is titled “How Does Financial Sustainability Relate to Growth – and What Can Grantmakers Do to Support It?” It lists rightsizing as an example of how grantmakers can support financial sustainability.

Grantees Report Back: Helpful Reporting and Evaluation Processes 
The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) collected survey responses from 24,000 grantees about their views of reporting and evaluation processes. The survey results indicate that on average, grantees do not find current reporting and evaluation processes to be very helpful in strengthening their organizations and programs. The report cites Project Streamline as “an effort aimed at reducing the burden on nonprofits and freeing up more time and money for mission-based activities.” CEP also notes that while some funders push for a more rigorous and often time-intensive process, others are seeking to trim down requirements in order to free grantees’ time, resources, and energy for their core work.

Calling the Grantmaker Assessment Tool [no longer active as of 2016] a “win-win,” this blog entry from the Foundation Center Philanthropy News Digest discusses Project Streamline and the benefits provided to grantmakers by the Assessment Tool.

Philanthropy Daily: Emergency for Emergency Assistance
This article highlights the delay last year in the disbursement of funds from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, a federal program that trickles its way down to local organizations. The author lists the recommendations of Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted from Purpose and encourages grantmakers to adopt these recommendations in order to expedite support for local organizations affected by funding delays.

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