Reading List: Winning with People

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Winning with People: Discover the People Principles that Work For You Every Time by John Maxwell

Author and leadership coach John Maxwell—identified as the most popular leadership expert in the world by Inc. magazine in 2014—writes that “all of life’s successes come from initiating relationships with the right people and then strengthening those relationships by using good people skills.”

Relationships are important in our professional and personal lives; maybe the most important aspect of our lives. So why not work at improving them? This read will help you do just that.

From the publisher:

Relationships are at the heart of every positive human experience. Maxwell, a master communicator and relational expert, makes learning about relationships accessible to everyone. The most sophisticated leaders and salespeople will pick up on skills that will make them even better, and relational novices will learn skills that can transform them into relational dynamos.


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