Results for One Question Survey: How do you talk about GMN?

A few weeks ago, we introduced the One Question Survey, a way for GMN to ask meaningful questions without inflicting the drudgery of a full, long survey on our members. We start off slow but proudly finished strong with more than 35 answers to our first survey.

We asked:

GMN is a great resource and we know our members are talking about us to their colleagues. But HOW are you talking about GMN? What descriptions do you use and what keywords really help you get across what GMN is and what GMN stands for? We want to know how you’re talking about GMN. So tell us!

The word cloud below depicts the words that showed up most often in your answers:

2016-07-09 How do you talk about GMN


And some of the best answers you gave included:

  • GMN is our professional organization.  It is run for us by us.
  • Connects me to people and information that help me do my job better.
  • I tell my supervisor and collegues that GMN is the one place I can go for grants management information – it is the industry resources for me!  It is also the place I can connect with my peers; our foundation is located in a small rural community in Oregon, my closest comparable sized peer is over 3 hours away by car.  SO GMN allows me to stay connect via online and through the conferences, and occasionnally a regional meeting, althought it can be tough to get to some of them due to travel time.
  • A great resource and community of grant managers
  • Open, transparent, sharing, they speak the language of grants management
  • Provides support, learning, and leadership opportunities for people who manage grantmaking.
  • Keywords I use: community, support, process, operations, practices.  What I’d like to be able to say and what I think we are at our best:  the architects of philanthropy
  • I describe GMN as a resource.  Our meetings are the best way to gather best practices and get ideas and understandings to help run our foundation.
  • So much of what I know about philanthropic best practices came from GMN networking and education!
  • Industry resource
  • I usually tell people about the great resources and the lively communication board where we ask questions and share information with our peers.
  • Learning. Fun. Peers!
  • professional development organization, leadership development, a voice for grants managers and grantees
  • Great network of professionals in our field; and a great resource for me as I strive to  better myself in my job and in my field.
  • Resource, benefit, makes connections, builds relationships, allows the sharing of practices, provides information to work more efficiently, describes GM in a way that realy encompasses the breadth of the role
  • Resource/community/colleagues/peers!
  • As someone new to the field, it is a great resource, many colleagues recommend it as a source for practical support and advice. A wonderful community to help support you and share information and learnings. A very useful network and everyone is willing to help each other. And the conference was called the most useful and practical that folks were attending.
  • GMN connects people who are making grants and provides grant making resources.
  • Professional organization, knowledge base
  • Networking; professional development; grants administration
  • A resource for information, best practices & a great opportunity to meet other Grants Managers to share ideas!
  • GMN is a great place to network with others in the field
  • networking, continuing education
  • Through GMN, I have found a peer group of talented philanthropy professionals who share my struggles, and with whom I can exchange ideas. Because of GMN, I am empowered to do the work I love.
  • 1) it’s a great resource; 2) connecting to the online community; 3) attending in-person regional meetings; 4) it’s free to join but you get added benefits if you are a paying member; 5) willingness of members to share; 6) learning at the annual conference, in addition to checking out the vendors at the exhibit hall. I’m usually talking about the “on-the-ground” benefits for them. If I have more time, I talk more specifically about the professional development and volunteer opportunities.
  • Professional knowledge in the grants making field.  A network of colleagues to exchange information and problem solve.
  • Resource
  • Peer learning, best practice resource, network, learning, sharing, friends.
  • GMN brings together grants managers to collaborate and share best practices.

What a great start to our one question survey. Thanks to all who participated, and look for a new survey soon!

Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell is PEAK Grantmaking's effective practices director. You can find her on Twitter @nikkiwpowell.

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