Simplifying Your Applications Process (Part 2 of 2)

Every day, we talk with grants program managers — so when it comes to taking your application processes online, we understand what it takes to help you achieve your goals. The team at WizeHive has identified four main goals administrators hope to achieve when taking their application process online:

  1. Increase application inflow (e.g. double or triple the number of applications submitted)
  2. Collect better applications (e.g. more complete applications at time of submission)
  3. Save time (e.g. automate email correspondence with applicants and reviewers)
  4. Save money (e.g. reduce part time staff during peak work loads)

Last month we reviewed goals 1 & 2. This month, we’ll review the third and fourth goals and share some simple and easy steps you can take to help you simplify and optimize these areas. If you would like to download our e-book version on this topic and learn about all four goals, click here, or you can watch our recorded webinar an all four goals, here.

Save time

With a little prep work and setup, you no longer have to imagine life without all the paperwork! It is possible to have applications collect themselves, and each reviewer will know which applicants they are responsible for. Ultimately, the decision for who to award is calculated for you with only one simple click.

So here is how to make that happen…

Simplify with automation and workflow

There’s just one basic concept you’ll need to be familiar with to speed-up your program: automation, or as we call it, workflow.

Today, almost every part of the application process can be automated, including:

  • application collection
  • application organization
  • applicant follow-up
  • letters of recommendation
  • scheduling interviews
  • reviewer assignments
  • scoring

Use automation and workflow triggers to allow your application process to essentially run itself!

Online application platforms that provide workflow and other automation features can be used to save you time and get your application process completed faster with fewer resources.

Save money

We know money is top of mind for most organizations — but especially for foundations and nonprofits.

It can be hard to justify spending money on anything that isn’t being directed to the organization’s goal of awarding money to individuals or organizations. An online application management solution will help you do just that, save money so it can be put back where it matters most. It’s all about the return on your investment!

Implementing a streamlined solution will help you cut costs by:

  • optimizing staff hours spent on collecting and organizing applications
  • cutting spending on collateral, such as, paper, copying, printing and postage
  • reducing labor-related errors and re-work
  • shortening the time-frame to deploy and manage an existing process or start a new application process
  • and ultimately, increase the number of quality applicants without the traditional overhead

If you would like to learn more about saving time, and saving money… Download our e-book version on this topic and learn about all four goals.


Drew Diskin

Drew Diskin is the Chief Marketing Officer for WizeHive. Their grants managements systems allow organizations to simplify their full grants lifecycle with unlimited flexibility. You can find them on Twitter @wizehive.

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