Streamline Now! Figuring Out Feedback

By this time, there can be no doubt that Project Streamline advocates seeking feedback from your grantees and grantseekers. Believe it or not, this blog post will contain no rants on this topic (if you crave some rants, you’ll find them in the following posts: Go on, ask! , Better than a Bad LunchFeedback Matters – Part 1, and Feedback Matters – Part 2).

In fact, Dr. Streamline wants to give you the gift of a sample grantee feedback survey!

This survey has been used by various funders (with modifications) to seek anonymous feedback from successful grantees and unsuccessful grantseekers. Most used an online survey tool, such as Survey Monkey or SurveyGizmo (see Idealware’s 2011 article about these tools).

This particular survey is a fairly long one, and assumes that a funder wants to know about the following things:

  • Clarity of instructions and explanations
  • Professionalism and helpfulness of staff
  • Effectiveness of online system
  • Difficulty of budget template
  • Amount of time it took to apply for and report on funding
  • Elapsed time before receiving notification and funding
  • Ease of making changes over the course of the grant
  • Utility of reporting
  • Suggested improvements to the process

Naturally, your interests might be different! You can adopt the survey just as it is, use it with modifications, or just use it for inspiration. But one way or another, we hope that this survey makes it a little easier to resolve to streamline in the new year!

Please send examples of the surveys that you’ve used to seek feedback from your grantees and grantseekers!


Dr. Streamline

Dr. Streamline is also known as Jessica Bearman. She, along with her colleague Streamlining Surgeon Alice Cottingham, and a cohort of Streamlining Interns, are available to answer all of your streamlining questions. Together, they diagnose the good, the bad, and the mystifying, and prescribe cures for your streamlining woes.If you have a question about your own grantmaking process, or one that you’ve encountered, please write to Dr. Streamline at for a useful (and possibly entertaining) Rx.

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