Grants Managers Network welcomes contributions from readers, members, partners, and from those working in philanthropy and grantmaking. Topics may cover a wide range of issues. If you would want or expect to read about the issue on the GMN blog, then it is probably a good topic for us to cover.


  • You may query the blog editor prior to writing an article, but acceptance of a query does not guarantee that we will publish the final blog.
  • Each submission should include:
    • Proposed Title
    • Author’s byline and bio, and a photo where possible
    • Link to author’s website or organization if desired
    • Proposed imagery if desired, with correct crediting
    • Excerpt: 25-40 words directly from the article that present the best marketing view of the piece
    • Tweets: 2-3 Twitter-ready (140 characters, using hashtags and @ where appropriate)
    • Facebook sample post: Content to present the blog on Facebook and drive traffic
  • Links should be included as plain text.
  • You may include suggested imagery but must affirm that images are original or that you have clearance from the copyright holder to use the image with the submitted article.
  • You should be willing to answer any ensuing reader responses such as comments/queries/doubts in the comments section of your article for at least three days after publishing the article.
  • GMN reviews each submission for plagiarism. However, direct and attributed quotation of other writers is perfectly legitimate. Where external sources can be used to evidence your arguments, we encourage you to use and cite them.


  • Your submission may be edited lightly for grammar, style, and clarity; you will have the opportunity to review and revise before final publication.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length for contributions. However, consider blogging best practices when submitting a longer piece—clear introductory section, sub-headings, bulleted lists, and links.
  • Blogs may not be overly promotional of a particular product or service.


  • As the author of a post, you retain all ownership and copyright to your work, unless alternative arrangements are made before publication. Your work will run on our blog or website with a byline identifying you as the author and owner of the work.
  • As the owner of your work, you retain all rights over your submitted work. However, you give GMN a non-exclusive worldwide license to display, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, make use of in any way, and otherwise exploit the content submitted for the purposes of displaying it on our website, promoting it across the web, distributing it to mobile/reader devices and applications, and producing anthologies, compilations, or other archival works.


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