How to Successfully Create Higher Value & Impact

Why is it that some grant managers are wildly successful in their organizations and others are not? What are those ‘qualities’ that engender trust, invite collaboration, and offer recognition of contribution?  Is it their skills? Education? Experience? Those capacities are helpful, yet the most skilled, educated, and experienced grant managers are often considered administrative staff and kept in the ‘back room’ of the organization. What is the secret to being seen as a highly valued and impactful contributor?  Is it just a matter of learning and implementing new behaviors?

What if there is more to it than that?  What if it isn’t just our behaviors that make a difference, but the beliefs behind those behaviors?

Why beliefs? Beliefs are the thoughts that we keep thinking until we decide they are true. Our beliefs and the expectations they generate are directly linked to what we actually create and experience in our lives. Each of us is creating our physical experience at a vibrational level through our thoughts and emotions. The root cause of those thoughts and emotions is our beliefs – and our beliefs are what literally shape and attract what we experience and manifest. Limiting beliefs create limited results.

beliefs determine


How we see ourselves + the unconscious beliefs we hold drive our actions and behaviors. A limiting view of our role and limiting beliefs about ourselves will generate limiting behaviors that match them.


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When we see ourselves as a high value contributor with beliefs that support that role, our behaviors match up and we easily add higher value and impact.

For some of us, we can simply move into the new behaviors, now that we know what they are. For the rest of us, we may need to shift our limiting beliefs before those new behaviors can become natural to us.

It’s difficult to identify our own limiting beliefs when we are in the middle of living them.

Changing our limiting beliefs to ones that work in our favor can be tricky when those beliefs lie hidden from our conscious awareness. Our ego hid them there when we were young to keep us from feeling pain. Once we uncover and challenge a belief we have held for a long time, the emotions tied to the belief are finally free to move up and out of us for good. This release of stored up energy offers us a sense of relief and a transformed viewpoint. This new viewpoint creates an inner alignment between our goals and our beliefs, naturally inspiring effortless changes in our actions and behaviors which create the results we seek.

Once we move our attention away from controlling ourselves and everyone around us, we can focus our attention on what we have real control over – our beliefs…and the feelings, actions and circumstances we create through them.

Beliefs are just thoughts we just keep thinking until they become true for us. When we challenge and change the ones that are working against us, we can create what we desire, in every area of our lives, if we know how to do it. Many of us have not learned how to consciously use these skills, even though they are natural to all of us. As we begin to realize that we are creating all the time – most of us unconsciously, we can start to make new choices.

Is it True? One way to start challenging and changing our limiting beliefs is to ask ourselves “Is that really true in THIS situation?” If I provide information to a program officer and they seem disinterested or say it isn’t really helpful, my beliefs will have much to do with my response. If I believe that I’m not OK the way I am, I may feel dismissed, criticized or unimportant based on the program officer’s reaction. When I remember that my old belief is not really true in this moment, I no longer take their reaction personally, and begin to look for proactive solutions to make the information more valuable and useful.

What beliefs and behaviors are you willing to challenge and change today?


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Wendy Watson-Hallowell

Wendy Watson-Hallowell is also known as The Belief Coach. She and her husband launched Belief Works™ in 2015 to teach others how to challenge and change their limiting beliefs to dramatically increase their impact and quality of life. They offer coaching, seminars, and workshops for those in transition and ready for lasting change. Find her on Twitter @thebeliefcoach.

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  1. Libby Villavicencio says:

    This is a great article! Wendy’s insights are profound. We often ignore the power of our beliefs, but they guide our behavior. Change your beliefs and your results will improve dramatically!

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