Thoughts on Thought Leadership

Want to win friends and influence people? How about just the influence people part?

GMN Communications Manager Nikki Powell recently shared thought leadership strategies for GMN members. She defined thought leaders as informed and trusted sources of innovative ideas and expertise who can inspire others. A tall order. Nikki outlined three key elements that when combined can support thought leadership development: experiences, passions, and credentials. In addition to ideas, thought leadership requires a real desire to influence and share insight; a willingness to commit time, energy and resources to the process; persistence; and the confidence to put yourself out there (think blogs, Twitter, and/or public speaking).

Do you have the guts to say something that is new and different? Do you have solutions to industry challenges? Will your ideas resonate with your audience? The resources below will help you start thinking about the thought leadership path. Contact Nikki at if you want to know more about being a part of the grants management thought leadership movement.




Carolyn Sosnowski

Carolyn J. Sosnowski, MLIS, is e-learning and content manager for PEAK Grantmaking. Follow her on Twitter @TheRealCarolynS.

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