Top 5 Blog Posts in 2016

In case you missed them, here are the top 5 blogs posts from GMN in 2016.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to a New Online System by Dr. Streamline

Selecting a new system for application, reporting, and grants management is a significant undertaking. Many grants managers feel understandably overwhelmed by the task. Dr. Streamline had a chance to talk recently with Gwyneth Tripp, grants manager at Blue Shield of California Foundation. Gwyneth offered to share her experiences and reflections on moving to a new grants management and grantmaking system – even while still in the thick of it!

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Grants Managers by Heather Peeler

Being effective is not a talent that most of us are born with; we have to work at it. And a lot of what drives our effectiveness are the habits we practice. Our habits may be willful or unintentional, good or bad, but they always shape our lives and our organizations and when adopted with intent, they can drive results.

If you constructed a grants manager superhero who helps her organization achieve its peak potential, what habits would she possess? What would she do to make her organization as effective as possible? Based on the work of the GEO community, we’ve identified seven practices — habits — centered on relationship building and learning that most directly lead to effectiveness.

Preparing for Next Steps by Joanna Willis

Grants Managers Network held the Perfect Pitch Contest to press grants management professionals to create elevator speeches and essentially get better at telling the story behind what it is they do and to define their contributions. Grants Management Departments should be ready to deliver their elevator speech as philanthropy is beginning to shift in ways to amplify the role of grants manager.

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM): Exploring Methods, Tools, and Practice by Chad Gorski

Change leaders in philanthropy expect great progress from big data, networked learning, and collective impact. Meanwhile, the lines between many job roles and organizations are already becoming blurred. We hear that we can be most effective by aligning grants management with organizational strategy. But who has time to think beyond this week’s to-do list?

A Call for Unrestrictive Grant Agreement Language by Christine Reeves Strigaro

Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy team has decades of experience giving foundations and nonprofits confidence, tools, and resources for effectively advocating to advance their missions. To better answer a growing number of philanthropic advocacy questions, we recently revamped the “Focus on Foundations” section of our website. Philanthropic leaders let us know that two of our most helpful resources are our project specific and general support grant agreement templates.



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