Volunteering: Make It Last!

(This post is part of our 2014 Resolve to Evolve program.)

 Look at you, you’re a volunteer! Way to go. But you don’t want to be a one-timer or a flash in the volunteer pan.

Here are four ways to make this resolution one that sticks.

  •  First, have fun. You’re doing something good, enjoy it!
  • Don’t force it. Your time is a gift, not a requirement. If the organization isn’t a good fit, find one that is.
  • Recruit others to join you. Everything is more fun with a friend. (Plus the organization you’re serving will appreciate the extra help.)
  • Share about where you’re volunteering. Raise the awareness of the cause or organization on your social platforms or just around the dinner table. It will help you feel more connected to the cause you’re working for and passion is contagious.


Johanna Price

Johanna Price is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities. Follow her on Twitter @johannaprice.

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