Weekly Reader August 19, 2013

Top reads we’re recommending this week:

Black Philanthropy Month: We All Have Something to Give (Smart Assets Blog)

We have to expunge the perception that only certain groups of people have the resources to fund our organizations, innovation and movements for social change. Once we have done this, we have to begin to dismiss the taboos associated with talking about money, and become more vulnerable as we share our dreams, our blind spots and our relationship to money.


What We Talk About When We Talk About Giving (Lucy Bernholz)

That these discussions, negotiations, and news stories are happening on the last beach days makes them more meaningful, not less. And while it’s notable that we’re having these discussions in the doldrums of summer, what really matters is what we’re saying in those conversations. By my measure, what we’re saying is “let’s revisit the rules that shape how we give.” No matter when that happens, that’s news.


Philanthropy Fashion and Spotting Trends Here to Stay (Communications Network Blog)

Whether we’re at the designer’s table weaving a new perspective into the fabric of our organization or sitting in the front row while our colleagues innovate in other departments, trends represent both a learning opportunity and a powerful asset for telling our stories.


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