Weekly Reader – February 8, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, February 8

Unpacking Foundation Effectiveness: What Does It Take? (Center for Effective Philanthropy) One of the most common questions we’re asked at CEP is what it takes for a foundation to be as effective as possible. Over the years, through our assessments and research on foundation best practices, we have created a working definition of foundation effectiveness, which Phil Buchanan unveiled in a blog post in December. (VIDEO)

Tuesday, February 9

The Time is Now: How Philanthropy Can Build With Girls, Young Women, and Gender-Fluid Youth of Color (Jennifer Agmi, GrantCraft) How can we help create a world in which all girls, young women, and gender-fluid youth are free to reach their full potential?

Wednesday, February 10

20 Years: A Great Time for Reflection (Patrick S. DeMoon, PhilanthroFiles) Twenty years ago I thought philanthropy was nothing more than writing a check and waiting for that warm and fuzzy thank you letter. To be honest, it was that for me, and may still be for some organizations. But things changed for me 20 years ago.

Thursday, February 11

Philanthropy Lessons: How Do You Capture Hope? (Exponent Philanthropy) It’s easy to count dollars given away or constituents served, but more intangible goals of creating lasting outcomes for the people and places being served are more difficult to quantify. When qualitative variables – such as inspiration or hope – are acknowledged and addressed, they can be transformative. (VIDEO)

Friday, February 12

What We Know About Millennial Grantmakers (Exponent Philanthropy) Much is being reported about the Millennial generation, in philanthropy and beyond, and data on Millennials from our recently released 2016 Foundation Operations and Management Report add some interesting points to the discussion.

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Nikki Powell

Nikki Powell is PEAK Grantmaking's effective practices director. You can find her on Twitter @nikkiwpowell.

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