Weekly Reader July 15, 2013

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Our friends at the Social Impact Exchange have posted a nice roundup of blog posts from and about the 2013 Scaling Impact Conference, with contributions from the Philanthropy Roundtable’s Ashley May, the John A. Hartford Foundation’s Christopher Langston, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Andrea Ducas. (HT/ PhilanTopic blog)

Social-Service Groups Won’t Survive Without New Sources of Revenue (Chronicle of Philanthropy)

The financial base that underpins the social-service system in America is crumbling.  ….

It is time for nonprofits to stop putting all our energy into defending the edges of our old economic order. Instead, we need to exert equal passion to identify and embrace fundamental, systemic change in the ways we finance social services in America—and no longer simply see our advocacy role as protecting tax incentives for giving and government aid for social causes.

The first essential step is to tap new pools of money to support charitable endeavors. The emergence of impact investing—the deliberate effort to channel for-profit money to social causes—could mobilize substantial resources to complement government and private efforts to solve real problems.

Young grantmakers leverage dollars, enrich community foundations (East Village Magazine)

“People are always shocked that we allow our young people so much grantmaking freedom,” said Maiers, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of St. Clair County in Port Huron.

“They say, ‘Wow! You let high schoolers decide how to spend up to $25,000 without any adult oversight?’”


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