Weekly Reader – July 27, 2015

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Monday, July 27

Rethinking Philanthropy (Dr. Susan Raymond, AFP’s Advancing Philanthropy Summer 2015 issue) These are days of innovation in social problem solving. A playing field that used to be dominated by traditional public charities funded by selfless gifts of largess working quietly has changed. There seem to be as many bankers as social workers on the playing field. Do you understand that field and the rules? [requires name and email for download, but worth it!]

Tuesday, July 28

A Twitter Billionaire and His Wife Turn to Philanthropy. What Are They Into? (Inside Philanthropy) One of America’s newer billionaires as a result of Twitter’s IPO, Evan Williams created the Sara & Evan Williams Foundation in 2011 with his wife Sara, who serves as its president. Williams is currently worth more than $2 billion, and while the couple’s philanthropy is just getting started, this definitely a duo that grantseekers, particularly those in the San Francisco Bay Area, should keep an eye on.

Wednesday, July 29

Tell People What You Believe In (Derrick Feldmann, Philanthropy News Digest) Whenever you have an opportunity to tell your organization’s story, you should focus less on what the organization does and more on what you and your colleagues believe.

Thursday, July 30

Which IRS Scandal Are You Watching? (Michael Wyland, Nonprofit Quarterly) Ironically, it was precisely the IRS’s attempts to “clamp down” on nonprofit political activity that has led to the current state of affairs.



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