Weekly Reader – July 4, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, July 4

Volunteer Management: Once More with Meaning (Jennifer Woodill, Nonprofit Quarterly) Volunteering can play a critical role in fostering social inclusion. But how do those who make decisions about volunteer recruitment think about these questions—indeed, do they think about these questions at all?

Tuesday, July 5

What Foundations Are Missing About Capacity Building (Dan Pallota, Harvard Business Review) Over the past five years, more and more foundations have come to understand that their nonprofit grantees’ infrastructure needs more love, and more grant money. Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, has gone so far as to issue this brave statement about Ford’s historical practice of only allowing 10% of their project grants to go to an organization’s core operating costs (and requiring that 90% go directly to the specific service program that was the subject of the grant)

Wednesday, July 6

Facing Funding Cuts: 4 Tips to Keep Your Nonprofit Going Strong (Brian Lauterbach, Network for Good) While much of the US economy has experienced a slow but certain recovery from the Great Recession, the vast majority of nonprofit organizations—the 75% that have operating budgets under $1 million and whose missions are delivered by a single full-time “Chief Everything Officer” and dedicated contractors—they don’t see it. Unlike the larger-staffed, bigger-resourced organizations (the 25%), the 75% lack the infrastructure to easily respond to changes in demand or funding sources.

Thursday, July 7

Raise Your Grantmaking Game (Jen Bokoff, GrantCraft) You might have noticed younger-than-usual grantmakers popping up periodically in GrantCraft’s newsletters the last two years. Well, now there’s a gathering place for youth grantmakers, and adults who support them, to raise their voices and showcase impact. YouthGiving.org is our new Foundation Center hub with case studies, funding data, a program directory, expert perspectives, and more…and, boy, was this a fun and energizing labor of love!!!

Friday, July 8

A Change in Family Dynamics Signals a Shift Away from Place- Based Giving (Virginia Esposito, National Center for Family Philanthropy) Families that are beginning their journey into philanthropy have a much different perspective than those who created foundations decades ago.

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