Weekly Reader – June 20, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, June 20

Foundation Transparency: Game Over? (Brad Smith, Philanthropy News Digest) The tranquil world of America’s foundations is about to be shaken, but if you read the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s new study — Sharing What Matters, Foundation Transparency — you would never know it.

Tuesday, June 21

What Are Capacity-Building Grants and Why Are They Game Changers? (Eliza Smith, Fluxx Labs) Capacity building means that nonprofits can address their needs and find ways to meet them. They can work with evaluators and consultants to get better at their work, and ultimately serve larger and larger communities. They can get more adept at measuring and illustrating their impact. And all the while, they can move that dial – as Bokoff says – and strengthen the social sector long-term.

Wednesday, June 22

Orlando Nonprofits Continue Coordinating Relief In Shooting’s Aftermath (Andy Segedin, The NonProfit Times) Rainbow flags, memorials and messages of OrlandoStrong lined the streets of this city in the days following a shooting that killed 49 and injured dozens of others at Pulse, a bar frequented by the city’s LGBTQ community. Scattered throughout the community, supporting law enforcement, providing counseling and raising funds have been the city’s nonprofits and social organizations. Leaders at local organizations are cognizant that there are immediate needs to address with continued support potentially necessary for years to come.

Thursday, June 23

“The Case Has Been Made.” A Philanthropist Pushes Business on Gender Equity (Kiersten Marek, Inside Philanthropy) “In the early 2000s there were some studies out there making the business case for women, but nowhere near where we are today,” Zehner says. “Now, the case has been made.”

Friday, June 24

Practical Guidance for Non-Profit Organizations in Complying with the New Minimum Salary Requirement (Allison L. Goico, Drew B. Millar, The National Law Review) We encourage all non-profit organizations to take this opportunity to examine 1) whether its employees are covered by the FLSA under enterprise or individual coverage, and 2) whether changes are needed with respect to the compensation of certain employees in light of the new regulations. Keep in mind that from the DOL’s perspective, some non-profits may not be covered under the FLSA, but it is likely many, if not most, employees of non-profits are entitled to FLSA protections.

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