Weekly Reader – June 27, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, June 27

Youth Giving Becomes a Philanthropic Force (Foundation Center) Young people worldwide are transforming their communities and themselves by making grants — more than $14 million since 2001 — to causes they’re passionate about. Now, this rapidly developing movement will have a unique gathering place, YouthGiving.org, where young people and adults interested in grantmaking can explore stories of giving, learn from experts, and discover opportunities to raise their voices.

Tuesday, June 28

Avoiding Airballs and Conflict in Giving and Receiving Feedback (Grace Nicolette, The Center for Effective Philanthropy) As human beings, we need all three types of feedback, even as some (giving appreciation) can be easier than others (giving an evaluation). The trouble is that we are always conflating the three so that it’s often unclear what the giver intends to convey, or what the receiver expects or needs to hear.

Wednesday, June 29

Which Nonprofit Fields and Cities Receive Most from Donor-Advised Funds? (Michael Wyland, Nonprofit Quarterly) NPQ recently featured the release of Fidelity Charitable’s 2016 “Giving Report.” Yesterday, Fidelity released a supplement to the report that analyzes donors’ giving by metropolitan area and philanthropic interest.

Thursday, June 30

Are You Limiting Losses Or Capturing Gains? (Kris Putnam-Walkerly, Charity Rumble) There is something to be said for going into a grantmaking strategy with eyes wide open about the possibilities for failure, and for setting goals that seem reasonable. But grantmakers often hamstring themselves by thinking about their strategies in terms of limiting losses rather than capturing gains.

Friday, July 1

Supporting Grantee Capacity: Strengthening Effectiveness Together (Anna Pond, Jen Bokoff Grantcraft)In Supporting Grantee Capacity: Strengthening Effectiveness Together, we look at how funders approach building capacity with grantees. Through examples from foundations ranging in size, mission, and geography, we explore various strategies for capacity building and the types of awareness that funders can choose to incorporate in decision making to facilitate informed, thoughtful judgments about strengthening organizations.

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