Weekly Reader – March 28, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, March 28

Holdouts of the Social Media Age (Teddy Wayne, The New York Times) According to the Pew Research Center, in 2015, 90 percent of American adults ages 18 to 29 used a social networking site; more than three-quarters of those 30 to 49 did. (The percentages for those who have online access were, expectedly, slightly higher.) This leaves a stubbornly resistant minority that isn’t focusing its energies on just one or two social media accounts, as is customary for people who find the whole enterprise overwhelming or irrelevant. They are eschewing it completely: sharing zero voluntary personal information on the web.

Tuesday, March 29

The Code of Good Impact (InspiringImpact.org) (PDF) Impact is the difference you make. By focusing on your impact, you can make more of a difference through your work. This means planning what impact you want to have and how best to achieve it, collecting information about your impact, assessing what impact you’re having, communicating this information and learning from it. We call this cycle of activities impact practice. This includes, but is significantly bigger than, the tasks of measuring, monitoring and evaluating impact.

Wednesday, March 30

Funder’s Forum: Jerome Foundation (Foundation Center) In the search for innovative solutions, much more is often learned from failures than from more apparent cosmetic success.

Thursday, March 31

Do the Wealthy Have to Learn How to Say No? (Danielle Holly, Nonprofit Quarterly) But more broadly, as the general philanthropic environment becomes more social—with giving circles, crowdfunding, and initiatives such as The Charity Network becoming the new norm—the base of donors with the potential to be informed by social connections and pressures is broadening.

Friday, April 1

A Culture Shift for Fundraising (Linda Wood, Evelyn & Walker Haas, Jr. Fund)  What is a “culture of philanthropy” — and why does it matter?


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