Weekly Reader – March 30, 2015

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, March 30

These 10 Surefire Tips Will Help You Avoid Burnout (Lolly Daskal, Inc.com) Stress can get on top of the best of us, but there are things you can do to fight back against burnout. Try these 10 simple steps to reclaim your mojo.

Disruption for Good ( Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, SSIR) Rapid advances in technology are changing philanthropy in fundamental ways—making it potentially more rational, effective, collaborative, transparent, and democratic.

Create a following for your ideas: become a thought leader (Denise Brosseau, Recruiter.co.uk)  The term ‘thought leader’ is often bandied around in business circles, but how does this work in practice and how can you become a thought leader in your field?

Tuesday, March 31

A Gender Lens For Giving: Women In Philanthropy Urged To Invest More In Women And Girls (Tom Watson, Forbes) Women in philanthropy can – and should – commit far greater resources to advancing the cause of women and girls in the world.

Wednesday,  April 1

The Philanthropic Reality Check (Linda N. Spencer, Inspencer.com) Things are changing in the social sector.

Thursday, April 2

Five Things We’re Excited about in Impact Investing (Marissa Mahoney & Zach Wenner, Aspen Institute) Impact investments come in many different forms, but seek both social and financial returns. [A recent forum], part of an ongoing series on market-based solutions, highlighted several trends we’re excited to share.

The Next Step on Our Transparency Journey (Larry Kramer, Hewlett Foundation Blog) But philanthropy is—or should be—all about learning, and we’ve learned that there really can be too much of a good thing. Even when it comes to transparency. We are thus replacing, or perhaps I should say modifying, our Transparency Initiative, which will now become our Translucency Initiative.

Friday, April 3

New Thinking about Networks Makes the Field Better, Stronger, More Effective (Dave Biemesderfer, Center for Effective Philanthropy blog) A partnership by two philanthropic support organizations is helping demonstrate the way network thinking can improve foundation efficiency and impact through strategic collaboration.

Nikki Powell

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