Weekly Reader – March 7, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, March 7

The Art of Failing Upward (Kate Losse, The New York Times) Telling the story of what went wrong is a way to wring insight from failure, but it’s also a way of proclaiming membership in a community of innovators who are unafraid of taking risks. …  What is not being mentioned in the marketing of failure is that not everyone can, shall we say, fail successfully.

Tuesday, March 8

Like/Love/Haha/Wow/Sad/Angry…and Better Philanthropy Support? (Hahn Le, Exponent Philanthropy) What can those of us at philanthropy support organizations—this large universe of advisors and infrastructure groups—do to help philanthropists share ideas, practices, activities, and opinions so we can all learn, improve, and make a more significant impact? 

Wednesday, March 9

How tech is forcing firms to be better global citizens (Catherine Lawson, BBC) Technology is forcing companies to up their game and interact with communities more directly and effectively.

Thursday, March 10

Powerful Tools for Today’s Most Intractable Problems (Grantmakers for Effective Organizations) Solving today’s pressing problems requires impacting the bigger picture — the systems we live and work in. To change systems, we need to first understand the web of interrelations that create complex problems and rethink our assumptions about how change happens. We need to embrace a systems thinking approach. We call grantmaking that analyzes and seeks to impact complex problems using this approach “systems grantmaking.”

Friday, March 11

Minnesota invests $6 million in education partnerships (StriveTogether) “There is power in numbers.” #collectiveimpact across partnerships in Minnesota.

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Nikki Powell

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