Weekly Reader – November 16, 2015

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, November 16

Is Playing It Cool Holding Us Back in Philanthropy? (Andy Carroll, Exponent Philanthropy) The prevailing advice in philanthropy is to use our intellect to focus on the most important problems, educate yourself on the best approaches, and find nonprofits that truly make impact. Demand data to show proof of effectiveness.

Tuesday, November 17

Why Social Impact Bonds Still Have Promise (Kenneth A. Dodge, The New York Times) The most intriguing innovation of the century in public financing of social services is suddenly at risk of being flushed down the drain.

Wednesday, November 18

50 Fascinating Philanthropy Stats (Steve MacLaughlin, npEngage) They’re the proof point that change is happening and a predictor of where philanthropy is headed in the future.

Thursday, November 19

The Power of Relationships in Grant-Making and Grant-Seeking (Center for Nonprofit Advancement report) For as hard as it seems the nonprofit community is working in harmony with the philanthropic community, are we actually missing the mark?

Friday, November 20

Empower Millennials to Become Effective Philanthropic Leaders (Anne LeBleu, Arabella Advisors) The social sector is all too aware of the transfer of wealth and decision-making power that will happen in the next few decades. We often discuss how this transfer will affect philanthropy, particularly nonprofits’ board leadership and sustainability, but we need to focus more attention on how millennials can effectively fill the gaps it will create.

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Nikki Powell

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