Weekly Reader – October 10, 2016

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Monday, October 10

So you want to become a more intentional learning organization? (Chera Reid, The Center of Effective Philanthropy) So you want to become a more intentional learning organization? For those who are building out a new learning and evaluation function at their foundation, Benchmarking Foundation Evaluation Practices, the new research report from the Center for Effective Philanthropy and Center for Evaluation Innovation, is a welcome resource.

Tuesday, October 11

Nonprofits’ Effectiveness, Transparency Impacting Donors (Andy Segedin, Nonprofit Times) Tides of change within the nonprofit sector are influencing individual donors’ personal perceptions and giving behaviors. Greater than two-in-five (41 percent) of donors report that increased knowledge and transparency into nonprofit effectiveness has affected their approach to giving. More than a quarter (27 percent) state that technological advances such as mobile giving and micro-giving have had similar impacts.

Wednesday, October 12

Hurricane Matthew Tears the Roof off of Haiti’s Long History of Suffering (Jim Schaffer, Nonprofit Quarterly) Hurricane Matthew is the worst storm to strike Haiti in more than 50 years and the worst natural disaster to hit since the earthquake of 2010. Bereft of viable infrastructure, resources, and a trusted government, Haiti struggled to prepare and is now all but paralyzed by the same limitations. The devastation and loss of life cannot be overestimated.

Thursday, October 13

Voices of Board Chairs: A National Study on the Perspectives of Nonprofit Board Chairs (Judy Freiwirth, Mary Hiland, Michael Burns, Gayle Gifford and Debra Beck, Nonprofit Quarterly) There is relatively little research that investigates the topic of nonprofit board chair leadership, but this role is pivotal in many organizations. It helps to structure, uphold, and revise the container for dialogue and disciplines for managing conversation, and to establish the atmosphere for deliberation. This takes a measure of sophistication as well as self-awareness regarding the match between one’s own personal leadership characteristics and the needs of the board, the organization, and the community served. But do nonprofits honor this leverage point with the attention it deserves? Maybe not.

Friday, October 14

How Nike And Michael J. Fox Envision The Future of Fundraising (Ben Paynter, Fast Coexist) Great Scott! Nike and Michael J. Fox have released a limited edition, auto-lacing shoe. It’s called the Nike Mag, a concept that first appeared in the ‘80s classic Back to the Future II. Fox’s movie persona, Marty McFly, got to strap on a pair after hopping into a Delorean-based time machine to blast 30 years ahead in the space-time continuum.

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