Weekly Reader – October 24, 2016

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Monday, October 24

Not Just Cute Faces: Youth Grantmakers are Strengthening Philanthropy (Jen Bokoff, Huffington Post) The stereotype of the “me me me” generation couldn’t be more wrong.There’s a new movement of youth giving, one where young people around the world are changing the face of institutional philanthropy. They are raising their voices for change through more than 800 programs worldwide that empower youth to drive grant dollars to causes they care about. Most of these young people are not independently wealthy, and most didn’t say “philanthropist” when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Tuesday, October 25

Trust-based grantmaking: What it is, and why it’s critical to our sector (Vu Le, Nonprofit With Balls) Well, there seems to be a pervasive lack of starting with trust between funders and nonprofits, and it’s affecting all of us and our abilities to survive and do our work. The default starting relationship between funders and nonprofits is one of suspicion of the latter by the former, which leads to funders enacting policies and practices designed to make nonprofits more “accountable,” such as restricted funding, individualized applications, bespoke budget forms, customized reports, and other things that drive us nonprofits nuts.

Wednesday, October 26

Salaries on the Rise at U.S. Foundations (M.J. Prest, The Chronicle of Philanthropy) The median salary for full-time positions at grant-making organizations grew to $74,061 in 2013, up from $72,000 the previous year, with workers seeing widespread gains throughout most of the industry, according to a new survey by the Council on Foundations.

Thursday, October 27

9 Insights on Millennials And Philanthropy (Brady Josephson, re:charity) If you’ve missed out on past years of Millennial Impact research, don’t worry. You can download them all or you can get the top 100 findings from their years of research so far. Based on those findings, chats, and discussions, I’ve pulled out 9 from those 100 with a focus on fundraising to create…

Friday, October 28

The Wealth Gap in Philanthropy (Vauhini Vara, The New Yorker) In the twenty-six years that the Philanthropy 400 ranking has been published, one thing has stayed constant: United Way Worldwide is at the top. (The one exception was in 1996, when the Salvation Army briefly displaced it.) But when the results started coming in for this year’s list, which was published on Thursday morning, it became clear that a new No. 1 had emerged.


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