Weekly Reader – October 31, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, October 31

This Halloween, What Scares You Most About Philanthropy? (Alison Howard, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy) The world of philanthropy and nonprofits is not without its thrills. The NCRP office is currently decked-out with Halloween cheer, including a scary amount of candy that it’s up to us to eat.

Tuesday, November 1

Good-Bye, ‘Nonprofit(s)’; Hello, ‘Philanthropy'(-ies) and ‘Charity'(-ies) (George McCully, Philanthropy News Digest) Computers and the Internet are producing an explosion of data and knowledge about philanthropy, enabling ­— and even compelling — us to update our terminology and practices.

Wednesday, November 2

Philanthropic Leaders Join Ban the Box Movement to Address Inequality (Melissa Moy, Glasspockets) A growing number of foundations are becoming more comfortable taking public stands on issues, rather than just offering behind the scenes support. One recent example is the Ban the Box movement, whereby public and nonprofit employers, and more recently foundation leaders are taking a public stand designed to draw attention to the employment discrimination of people with arrest and conviction records.

Thursday, November 3

Redefine “Fundraising” and You Can Build a Culture of Philanthropy (Gail Perry, Fired Up Fundraising) I think we need to redefine fundraising if we want to create an internal culture that will support philanthropy. Why? Because many people are uncomfortable with the idea of “fundraising.” When you redefine “fundraising” into other words like Friendraising, Engagement, Philanthropy — then new pathways seem possible!

Friday, November 4

Thoughts on Career Paths, Resources, and Roadblocks in Philanthropy (Sharmila Rao Thakkar, Philanthrofiles)I find that, to be a leader in this sector, one must be ready and willing to keep on learning, to realize that we are not the experts. We wouldn’t be effective in our roles if we thought we had all the answers.


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