Weekly Reader – September 6, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Tuesday, September 6

The Shifting Boundaries of Nonprofit Regulation and Enforcement: A Conversation with Cindy M. Lott (The Editors & Cindy M. Lott, Nonprofit Quarterly) Cindy M. Lott sees a shift occurring at both the state and federal levels, with a new balance in the process of being struck—particularly in light of changing priorities and subsequent resource allocation at both levels of government.

Wednesday, September 7

International Grantmaking Issues for Nonprofits (Jeffery Schragg, Blog of the BDO Nonprofit & Education Practice) International risks for nonprofits took center stage in recent headlines, and as organizations increasingly expand beyond domestic borders, it’s clear the conduct of foreign employees can have a real impact on an organization’s ability to carry out its mission and maintain its reputation.

Thursday, September 8

Charitable Judgment (Benjamin Soskis, The Atlantic) Americans are quick to ask if candidates are giving enough to philanthropic causes. But they hesitate to judge whether the money is being put to good use.

Friday, September 9

Ethics and Nonprofits (Deborah L. Rhode & Amanda K. Packel, Stanford Social Innovation Review) Unethical behavior remains a persistent problem in nonprofits and for-profits alike. To help organizations solve that problem, the authors examine the factors that influence moral conduct, the ethical issues that arise specifically in charitable organizations, and the best ways to promote ethical behavior within organizations

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