Effective Practices

PEAK Grantmaking is a leader in identifying and promoting effective grantmaking practices through field-wide change efforts.

Using PEAK Grantmaking’s shared knowledge, grants management professionals can learn about, improve, and implement practices that make grantmaking more efficient and effective.

  • Project Streamline, a collaboration focused on decreasing administrative burdens on grantseekers by streamlining application and reporting practices.
  • Data Intelligence, which looks at the rise in awareness and use of data to improve grantmaking processes.
  • Technology, a key component in the implementation of effective practices that make grantmaking better for funders and grantseekers.


In addition campaign, PEAK Grantmaking presents topics of importance to the field of grantmaking through ourĀ PEAK Insight Journal.

The journal features original content written for and by grants management professionals and subject area experts and strives to begin and sustain diverse conversations about how grants management is evolving.