The most popular question among PEAK Grantmaking members in our discussion board is, “How do you do it?” Whether it’s financial due diligence or social media policies, grantmakers are interested in how other grantmakers are dealing with issues that face funders today.

At the same time, PEAK Grantmaking is working hard to promote effective practices that funders can adopt to make grantmaking better.

PEAK Grantmaking is responding to both the need for knowledge and the call for effective practices by creating the EPIcenter, a benchmarking library that will enable you to evaluate practices improvement by learning how others handle specific issues and comparing your methods against theirs. The EPIcenter will enable us to document how funders are making grants now, see how practices are changing over time, and determine whether and how grantmakers are adopting effective practices.

The first six mini surveys cover the following topics:

  • Grant Applications: What amount and type of information do other funders require from applicants and how do they manage the intake process?
  • Grant Decisions: Who makes grant decisions, how are they made, and how long does it take to make them?
  • Grantee Reporting: How are reports used, what information is required, and what happens when reports aren’t received?
  • Grant Monitoring: How are changes handled once a grant is made?
  • Compliance: How is compliance with IRS requirements and organizational policies handled?
  • Paperless Grantmaking: How are other funders making the entire grantmaking process paperless from the initial proposal intake through the decision-making process and even agreements, payments, and reporting?

Blog Posts about the EPIcenter

Benchmarking Practices is Good Grantmaking (September 23, 2016)

Message to Grantees: Reports Matter (May 20, 2016)

Paperless Grantmaking Update (April 27, 2016)



Currently, only primary contacts at organization members have access to the EPIcenter. If you are the primary contact, or believe that you should be the primary contact, and would like to request access to the EPIcenter, please contact Melissa Sines at melissa@peakgrantmaking.org. We are working to make the EPIcenter available to all members in the near future.